The Next Move of God — Dreams

I have a dream… I wouldn’t mind a home with that view!  Who wouldn’t, right?!

Doesn’t it stir a little hope in your heart — to admit that we have a dream?

So… how would you end the statement: “I have a dream…?”  There are probably as many answers as there are people reading this blog!  But I would venture to say, most of us have dreams of being far more comfortable than what we might be experiencing, right now.

I find it very interesting that there is virtually no discussion in the Word of God regarding living into our personal dreams.  Jesus really gives us no strategy on being successful in life (at least not as we see it in Western culture).  And yet, in the Church, it seems to take up quite a bit real estate in the production of our messages.

So, I’m wondering.  Is a dream only a dream when it affects our status or popularity?  Are dreams meant to make our lives more financially comfortable?  Are true dreams meant to affect an increasing larger number of people — a ministry that affects thousands?

Automatically, I think most of us would say, “No…of course not.”  But, if we consider our hopes on a more honest level, most of us would still tend to associate walking in our dreams as either growing in popularity or affecting my future in some other beneficial way.

So, if we’re not careful we will tie the next move of God to our need for personal success.  We will see His love for us through the lens of personal dreams.

Have you ever noticed that Jesus never uses the lure of personal fulfillment through our dreams to promote His gospel?  In fact, he never uses the phrase “personal dream” in any discussion.  From what He preached and died for, I think He saw a much bigger need—a much bigger mission.  Truly, a bigger dream!

Galatians 5:1 says, “It is for freedom that Christ set us free.”  Here’s the simple truth: you cannot be free as long as your future depends on people’s receptivity to your talent, ministry, or anything else you bring.  Depending on other’s opinion and evaluation binds you to them rather than sets you free to be who God has designed you to be.  Certainly, there is real world work to be successful and effective in what we do; but finding success does not make you free.

Being free to be who God has designed you to be is your dream.  Freedom is the next move of God.  How it makes you successful is beside the point.  Your story will produce exactly what it was designed to accomplish regardless of what you see.  This is living with integrity…and especially, with freedom.

Be free; and your story will manifest what’s needed when it’s needed.

5 thoughts on “The Next Move of God — Dreams

  1. Before I opened this message I was lamenting over all I had lost, feeling pitiful for the bad choices I’ve made that have lead me to where I will probably never own a home of my own, at least not in this area again- and now rent prices are more than my mortgage was – . blah blah blah, poor me… Then this Word. Thank you, it is so true and I welcome the freedom that has been bought for me through the Blood of Christ – that is something I fight for daily as the enemy works to suppress my light, so I will continue to fight for what’s already mine and be joyful in this day as I let the Lord use me as He wills. Free indeed!

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    I just loved your message this last Sunday! You spoke of the Voice contestants and how they wanted to “fulfill their dream”. They were tied to a future recording contract , notoriety, and financial gain . They didn’t see that, as singers, whenever they performed, their talent was being used and they were walking out their dream. I really dream of being a big financial blessing to the body of Christ, to pay off someone’s home or buy a new car for a single mom or dad…., but I figured it out, I don’t have to wait to win the lottery or get a big financial windfall for me to live out the dream! In the giving of 50 bucks or 300 bucks, people are being blessed and my dream is being walked out as I simply give right in the moment. I was reminded of the time I once bought the Starbucks drink for the car behind me. A week later, I went through and the Starbucks barista gave me a thank-you card. It was from a woman that I had bought the coffee for. She said her father and just died and she was just returning to work after bereavement leave. She said when she got the free coffee, she felt it was really from her dad who was saying to her, “good morning daughter” and she stopped being sad and felt she could face the day…..a $6-7 dollar drink became like a million dollars in what it did for that person. ❤️

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