The Next Move of God—Where No One Sees

There are moves of God that come with a great production…and then, there is the move of God that is felt in the “secret place” of a widow…a fatherless child…or an unrecognized talent.

Although the ecstatic moments in a dark lit room, with angelic vocals and stirring guitar riffs, can truly be rapturous; it’s more often in the still quiet moments where God does His deepest work.

I’m sure you have felt it. When the lights come back on, and the motivational sounds cease, we are faced with everyday life. We have to go back to our homes that may not be as perfect as the “house of God.” This is where God has to speak loudest—where His grace needs to be felt the most.

The vast majority of people will not stand on stages, nor find their identity under the applause of others. They must learn to live joyfully, and with meaning, under an applause that cannot be heard by any human ear. This is the place where angels long to stir the waters of life.

Jesus said that this is the kind of worshipper the father is looking for— “those who worship in Spirit and truth.” (John 4:19) This kind of worshipper is not tied to a movement within walls, but is as free as the endless boundaries of God’s eternal presence. They are led by a truth that transcends a single event. They bask in the glory that is found in hospital rooms, at check out stands, and in everyday life…visiting with and touching the lives of those who cannot repay them with anything other than an appreciative smile.

Please take my encouragement, Church. Although anointed worship will always create supernatural opportunities to experience God’s presence, resist the temptation to define and confine God’s presence to the box of production. Release God’s love in the places that may never see God’s light.

7 thoughts on “The Next Move of God—Where No One Sees

  1. I was in a Auto Repair shop a few weeks ago and the owners are good people, they were both sick one was in the Hospital, I left and after I left I felt like God was telling me you should have prayed with them. I called the owner and apologized to him for not praying with him, I did pray for them at home. I think sometimes we miss opportunities that we should take and witness and pray, not on purpose but maybe not listening at that time. A lesson well learned by me.

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    I am an addict and my drug is the feeling I get putting someone else first to make their day better. The Holy Spirit is my drug dealer as He moves my heart into action. Thank you Lord for placing the love drug in our daily lives!

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