The Movement of God — Creativity

A quick thought before Sunday…

The other night, my grandson wanted to watch the “Wizard of Oz.” As it began to play, I was struck by the power of fantasy and its ability to inspire the beauty of living. Of course, I’ve seen the movie more times than I can count, but the dramatic glory of the old time cinematography caught my attention. Not that it was a new experience, but a reminder—we have the ability to imagine!

Deeply planted in all of us, God gifted us with creative insight. We see. We imagine. We dream. These elegant gifts are not simply products of billions of years of genetic mutations. Biochemical reactions have no need to create. Truly, dreams point to a creative mind greater than our own granting us life with beauty.

Let God call to the deep place in you—deposited there at the beginning. The Word says that we were created “in the image of God.” Like Him, we have a mind and a heart. In Him, is the innate ability to creatively manifest His dreams. You were born to be like your heavenly Father!

The enemy has done, and will do, everything within his power to steal your capacity to manifest dreams. Although it is natural and innate within you, our courageous potential can be muted by the difficulties the enemy hurls at us.

Be encouraged, today. Imagination is a gift. Dreams are power. God put them in you for a reason. They create the beauty that is your story. Whether they unfold tomorrow or not, your joy is in the pursuit.


One thought on “The Movement of God — Creativity

  1. joyfullyhis1

    Like Nordstrom’s started with a shoe store in Seattle and that dream grew into a giant chain of stores. Many stories like that are in all aspects of life from merchandise to sports. I ask the Holy Spirit, “where are my keys” or “how do I pray for my sister” and that’s good, but, He is so much more equipt with creative ideas to fulfill a dream that I think is hard to hope for. Thanks for this meditation, it reminded me that in Christ there are no limits! I work tomorrow but am believing for a blessed service at Zions River!


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