This week…

A dear friend of mine passed away this week. Grieving does not describe well what is going on in my heart, as well as in many of yours. None of us prepare for such moments. They come out of no where, and they hit us hard—square in the middle of the chest!

Bryan Parker is without doubt a man who carried a depth of character and love that few men possess. He is a man full of passion, vision and faith. His love for his children filled his large heart as he built a life with them since the passing of his dear wife, Jenell. The honor with which he lived powerfully opened this world to the grace of God. The Word he carried in his sensitive soul had a revelatory wisdom for every situation. In his praise, his booming voice filled every heart with joy and courage. His faith and agreement for the purposes of God truly changed the atmosphere of life around him and in Jesus’ Church. I count it a privilege and honor to know such friend, who cared not only for his own life but for all those around him. My own life was transformed in ways that I cannot count by Bryan’s presence. We love him, and we will miss him.

For all of us, in moments like this, questions flood our minds. Pain fills our hearts. We ponder reasons for such times that really don’t make any sense.

Many live in doubt and fear because of such tragedies, but for those of us who believe that life is filled with purpose, that Jesus is Lord both now and forever, we will see Bryan and all who go before us again. And when we do, we will reign with them in a world that is perfect—where our lives will go on loving and creating for all of eternity.

Truly the best is yet to come as we lift our eyes and see hope arising.

I love you all.

6 thoughts on “This week…

  1. joyfullyhis1

    I never knew him but heard of his passing and of his wifes only a few years before that! As Pastor Jeff told us last night at InfuZion, he reminded us that we are not guaranteed our tomorrow’s and to hug and love one another every day. Tell our loved ones what they mean to us and celebrate one another, and yes, what a reunion we will have when we all get to be together again!

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  2. I don’t know how (except by Holy Spirit) that you were able to communicate words to us today. As I read them and cry, I am reminded of our eternal hope in Jesus, only Jesus; somewhat jealous that Bryan and Jenell are both dancing & celebrating together in His presence and otherwise with so many questions which will go unanswered.
    And that all of this is simply ok.

    May your (all of ours) hearts be filled with a new level of comfort and confident assurance in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  3. Bonnie Simmons

    Thank you for your words, which I’m sure are spoken with a lump in your throat & tears in your eyes. Bryan will be missed by everyone who had the opportunity to know him. I will miss the boldness in his voice as he shouted “Hallelujah!” He loved you very much & I’m sure he will impact many for years to come.

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