The Next Move of God—The Mystery of Dogs

OK…I love my dog. Who wouldn’t? Look at that face. There’s a beauty we all recognize; a joy that we all feel.

God gave us something divinely special in these unique friends. They possess a draw unlike any other relationship in our lives. Think about it…they’re never offended by us…unless we’re a creep, of course. They’re always excited when we come home. They accept us for who we are, and they always want to be near us…sometimes too near, right? Especially, the kind that has to be in bed with you.

You know what? I think dogs go to heaven. At least, I want it to be that way. I know; it’s not necessarily theologically or Biblically sound, but there’s something in me that wishes it to be so. To look in their eyes and see such love staring back at me, to be the end goal of their passion’s pursuit, makes me feel that there’s an eternal bond there. Their love almost feels eternal.

I know this may be stretching things, but even in these dog-friends, there’s a witness of eternal life. We see it and perceive it in their heart-filling affection. We experience from them the enrapturing sense that we are loved, and that there is far more to come—imaginably more than we can perceive.

In fact, isn’t it true, in all of our relationships, in every loving exchange, there is testimony that reminds us that love lasts. That our relationships mean something.

Ultimately, this is what I’m pointing to: every loving relationship is a witness to the meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ. He reached out to us. He looked us in the eye balls and said, “I love you. I want you to be with me forever!” His love feels eternal. If I believe it, and receive it, then I have it!

This is the hope of heaven. It’s more than a place of blissful peace, but a habitation of abundant life and continued unhindered growth with God. It’s not resting beside some quiet brook and listening to angelic symphonies in the background (you got the scene in your mind; right?). Heaven is the culmination of love’s action. It’s the ultimate breakthrough of life’s trials by Christ’s love for us. Heaven says, “This is the gift of Jesus’ loving sacrifice.” See His hands…His feet…His eyes…and know that God’s love is real; that heaven is real.

Because of love…let evangelism take on a new voice and a new look. We have nothing to prove. Jesus took care of it all. May our eyes communicate a tenderness behind every action. May our words speak of that which is good rather than that which is wrong. May our love draw people into the true gospel of Jesus Christ—a gospel that does not shape them into robotic religious automatons, but frees them into loving creative sons and daughters of God.

So, look into the eyes of love. Let it remind you, today, that life really is full of hope. Because…God’s love will always win!

3 thoughts on “The Next Move of God—The Mystery of Dogs

  1. joyfullyhis1

    My little 5 lb chihuahua/min-pin had terrible bad breath. 4 days ago, she was at the vets where she had a deep cleaning and 12 front teeth extracted. It cost 600 dollars but I gladly paid it to keep her healthy. Her love is priceless to me, her little face, the big smile she has on it when I come home, wiggling her little body all over the place. And it amazes me how she will defend me even to the death…all 5 pounds of pure courage! That kind of “heart” surely goes to heaven!

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