The Next Move of God–Beside the Lake

There’s a place where God will always meet with us–a place where He gives us direction.  It’s in this place where He never fails to give us what we need for the journey.  He may not always answer our prayers in the affirmative, but He will always guide our steps.  He will show us the path. It’s in these still moments where God gifts us power.

I can always walk to the end of any dock, sit down, be still, and He will meet with me.

In moments like these, it’s obvious to me that the movement of God may look very different than what we’ve been told.

To date, I’ve posted 15 articles on the theme, “The Next Move of God.”  I don’t know if it’s what you expected, but I hope it’s becoming clear that while many look for the next move of God, we actually may be missing THE move of God that’s right in front of us.  The promise of Pentecost was not for another future Pentecost.  I get the gift of God right here, right now—in His fullness.

Seeking and working for the next great move of God simply comes down to the religious spirit.  Religion is the simple belief that God is distant, and that humanity needs to do whatever it can to draw His attention toward us.  Through prayers, worship, meditation and other acts of contrition, religion believes we can garner God’s love and favor through greater effort—that a new move of His Spirit is still yet to happen.

If you’ve noticed, we never win that race.  It’s like the proverbial dog chasing its tail.  You never catch it!  That mindset is actually birthed out of a spirit of poverty.  We believe God’s holding back for some reason, and waiting for a greater sacrifice before He releases what’s in His hand.

In contrast, consider that place at the end of the dock.  You’ve been there—you know, that place where God meets you.  The place where peace washes over your soul and prepares you for the challenges of the day.  You didn’t have to work at.  He was just there.

The Gospel says Jesus finished all the work!  Jesus paid the debt.  God drew near to us, once and for all.  He doesn’t have to prove anything…nor do we.  God did it all in one completely selfless act of love for all humanity.

You will never hear any New Testament writer ever encouraging us to pursue anything other than what Jesus’ has already provided by the cross.  There’s no new outpouring.  No new anointing.  You have it all—God dwells in you.

You are loved—it’s that simple.  God is already for you and your best life.  All we have to do is believe, move in faith, and trust that we’re smack dab in the middle of His purposes.

If need be, get back to your “lake-front” meeting place.  Let God convince you that He still is good.

7 thoughts on “The Next Move of God–Beside the Lake

  1. Peggy Magnuson

    Good word…boy, did I miss it last Sunday! I should have spoken up when the “word” was right for the moment, but I lacked faith. Not in Him, but in myself. Now the message I share with you next Monday may be a “cold” word…


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  2. janet taylor

    Praise Jesus, It is not about what I bring to Him but about just making room for Him to come.
    Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 62:6. Thank you Pastor for letting God.

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  3. anna w

    He is ALWAYS with me, even when I don’t think He is. He is always right by my side. When I can’t see Him, I remember, we walk by faith and not by sight. I look all around and I see Him! I close my eyes and I can see Him.
    He has a plan for me and although, at times, I feel He has abandoned me, I KNOW He hasn’t. He doesn’t always answer us right away and most of the time the answers are not the answers we want, but they are the answers we need.

    There are two songs that really speak to me when I’m feeling this way.
    “He waits for me” by Consumed by Fire
    “By Faith” by Keith and Kristyn Getty


  4. William B

    It seems that we project the concept that we need to “do” something instead of “be” something (God’s beloved child) onto God. Although God is always “doing something”, we don’t know him for who He is (God is love) until we see Him “do” something (for us).

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  5. Amen! What a great message because it’s absolutely true. GOD did everything for us at the cross. JESUS tore the veil and made the way for us to have HIS SPIRIT dwelling in each and every believer, So when we are praying to GOD, we can pray WITH FAITH knowing that HE IS IN FACT listening to us. We can meet with GOD at the lake or we can meet with GOD in our living room, or on our front porch or even during our drive to work. GOD is indee with us. I don’t have to physically see GOD to believe that HE is there, but I do see GOD’s profound presence in so much around me. If we look around, we can find GOD in just about anything that HE created! Just sitting at HIS feet is something that I love to do and crave more and more to do. Thank you for your encouraging message Pastor!

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