Hearing His Voice — The Flood

The weight of His presence has brought me a new sense of things.

As of late, these thoughts fill me…

The flood of His presence presses upon my bones.  A sense of pressure and joy are intermingling.  Although I see sadness all around, my heart is encouraged—it is being filled afresh.

I don’t mean to wax eloquent; please bear with me, but something is stirring.  My experience under Christ’s reign is shifting, right now.  Joy.  Vision.  Exuberance.  Awe.  Expectation.  These words want to find a new footing in my soul—a place from which to launch.

I feel a healing in the deep places—a sense of something brand new growing.  Everything may not be perfect, but if my discernment serves me well, a season of faith for greater things is building.

Of course, the Lord has always called us to live by our faith.  We move by His leading.  We trust Him to establish our steps; BUT, there are times where God stirs us for greater works of faith—to believe that courageous belief, today, will unfold into the beauty of unimaginable and divine plans, tomorrow.  I believe this is happening, right now.

Oh, the joy!  Nothing like this Christian walk exists in any other philosophy.  How wonderful!  How beautiful!  What a privilege to walk out life under Jesus’ supernatural presence!

As I am pastor to some of you, let me encourage you: move into the new thing the Lord is laying before you.  The past is done; yesterday is gone.  A new dawn is arising.

8 thoughts on “Hearing His Voice — The Flood

  1. Amen Pastor!!!

    On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 12:01 AM, Believing Today wrote:

    > Jim Sheen posted: “The weight of His presence has brought me a new sense > of things. As of late, these thoughts fill me… The flood of His presence > presses upon my bones. A sense of pressure and joy are intermingling. > Although I see sadness all around, my heart is encoura” >


  2. Anonymous

    I think you are pastor to more than you are aware of. Thank you, and AMEN!!!!! I am so ready to walk in this, just looking for that open door, I am SO ready!

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  3. William B

    When I read your last words of “The past is done; yesterday is gone”… I felt a sadness and finality, like I felt when I was leaving the grave site after my mother’s funeral.

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  4. joyfullyhis1

    There is so much freedom in our Lord! I recently went to Mexico with my brother and sister-in-law. One day, while there, my brother really offended me and the next day in the morning his wife tried to bring it up and have my brother apologize. I said to her that “the mistake is in the past …yesterday, that we all make mistakes and yesterday is gone and in Jesus, mercies are new each day, so let’s just start a new day” . Neither one of them knows the Lord but my brother was relieved that this situation is over. A few days ago, an evangelist I know who has preached all over the world, called me up a
    out of the blue. He and I have had a rather significant falling out to the point that I have blocked him on Facebook and my phone. Anyway, he’s here in the states because his mom just died. When he called on a new number he has, he was downhearted because of the passing of his mom. While in conversation, he asked me to forgive him for all the wrongs that he has done to me. What could I do when the Lord‘s forgiveness towards me is so great. Right then and there I forgave him and we’re starting new in this new day. I share this to say this, It is so liberating to be free of judgment and unforgiveness.! Truthfully, it’s because of you Pastor and Pastor Jeff. I’ve never been in a church like ours where the love of God and a walk with other believers in a love that lets them be free to walk out their story right were they are is such a core value! I have a past of misguided teachings on works and law that I am happy to say are unraveling as I sit under your teachings and bask in the powerful cross of Jesus where we find “no greater love”!

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  5. Great post!
    Amen! and I am seeing that new horizon too!!!!!!! Freedom never looked so good but FREEDOM IN CHRIST, NOTHING CAN RUN CLOSE IN COMPARISON!!! Freedom in CHRIST takes us from who we see we are to seeing us as how GOD sees us!! GOD’S people are ROYALTY, and if we aren’t living this way, it’s we who miss out! We miss it tremendously because GOD planned our lives long ago, so it’s up for grabs, we just have to really believe it, and start living it! Nothing happens different until we decide to allow it to.


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