Would you pray with me?

I’ve been pondering the life of pastors.

The Word encourages us to pray for our leaders…for I believe they bear a unique cross given to them by our Lord. More than the call to preach and to stand upon stages, they carry the people’s sorrows and joys upon their shoulders. Instead of the applause of men, they seek the audience of their King—they stand and intercede, day in and day out, before the throne of grace believing for their people’s breakthrough.

Their’s is a life called out by the Lord Himself—giving as Jesus gives.

The burden of love is at the heart of ministry more than the desire to proclaim. In a world where production seems to be of greatest value, it’s easy to miss the fact that the pastor bears the burden of the sheep. He feels their pain, their sorrow, and all their distress. He does what he can to give hope, to heal their ills, and grant vision to their darkness under the mandates of the Gospel.

Their life is not given to the building of their reputation, but to seeing others succeed ahead of themselves. These servants of the King wage war on behalf of all people’s and nations, believing that everything the enemy has stolen, will be restored to the sons and daughters of God. They live not for ministry and lights, but for a soul’s freedom through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If it’s been laid upon your heart to heed such a call, then understand it’s not what you see on Sunday that describes their ministry. The pastor was a pastor before he or she was given a pulpit. They were a shepherd before it was convenient. They gave up their lives long before anyone noticed.

So, would you pray with me for our church leaders. “Lord, may their anointing bring more joy than they can imagine. May they be sustained through their own battles as they battle for others. May they always know the love of our Savior as their sustaining power. Because of these, may the world come to know the grace and presence of our Lord…by your Word and by your Spirit! In Jesus’ Name, amen!”

8 thoughts on “Would you pray with me?

  1. Jan Taylor

    Amen, I am also in agreement and will roar with prayer. I see this war upon the hearts of many sheppards today.
    I believe the appointed time is close and the batttle is fierce, we must be continually on the lookout. I will lean in now, open the gates of my heart for more. I will listen and pray believing in Faith, HE will comfort, confirm, and control. These expectations, Pastor and Pastors. will not be cut off. In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ ! Amen
    Habakkuk 2:1-3

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  2. Amen Pastor and I stand in agreement with you and your beautiful prayer.
    GOD definitely sets a higher standard to the man who shepherds HIS church.
    May your burden you bear continue with joy. The work you are doing in and outside of the church, to include the devotionals you write, ARE MAKING HUGE DIFFERENCES. You are bringing light and we need more and more light to push away more of the darkness. As I read your prayer I read it purposely out loud, because I absolutely believe how true it is, that there is either life or death in the tongue. By reading it loud, life has been spoken even more over you today. 🙌🏻❤️

    GOD bless you and your family.

    🙌🏻 Shellie Maheu

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      1. And rightfully so. You wouldn’t believe the Warfare I’ve been experiencing just myself. But I am realizing and seeing how Satan has been affecting me and my brothers and sisters in Christ at church and throughout the whole world.

        Satan’s best weapon is when a Christian can somehow either make light of his existence or just completely disregard it altogether. He craftly and very skillfully plans how he’s going to take us out!!! I am seeing it!

        Anything we leave “open” rather unrealized or realized, if sin is left unaddressed, WE LOSE AUTHORITY, I am just sharing these experiences because a pastor is the BIGGEST threat and target. We must pray for each other and KEEP THEM LOOP HOLES closed 🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️

        Praying for you brother

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