Meditation–A Slow Death

It’s like a virus.  It spreads without much effort.  It’s usually caught without us even knowing it.

As I look out into the world.  I see it spreading like wildfire.  As I hear the stories repeated, I see this ever-increasing infection move from person to person, from one contact to another.

This disease debilitates not by physical attrition, but by the breaking down and wearing down of our hearts and minds.  It attacks the core of our being, robbing us of all our strength and zeal for living.

This viral invader is unbelief.

We don’t see it coming.  It invades and slowly undermines everything we say we believe.  And eventually, we’re so weak, we can’t seem to drum up the passion to believe for the simplest of things.  I’ve seen it in my own life.  I’ve spread it to others with my own words that inadvertently shift their thinking away from the possibilities and focuses them on accepting the reality of things.

Unbelief is a slow death to the soul.  It robs us of our passion.  It discounts dreams and hopes, and it relinquishes power to the unrelenting lies of our enemy.  Unbelief convinces us that it will always be this way…that God won’t come through…that you don’t have what it takes to go to the next level.  Unbelief convinces us that we’re alone…that things can’t change…that God is far off.  Ultimately, unbelief brings an early death.

What does the Bible say?  “God is good.”  He does not plan for our demise, but for our best.  He doesn’t tempt us with evil, but makes a way out for every situation.  God is our provider and our healer—He is our everything.  With Him all things are possible!  “God is love,” right?!

If this is the truth, then our enemy’s greatest strategy is to bring upon you wave after wave of circumstantial discouragement until you break.  Truly, life can be hard on us.  People can disappoint.  Situations can go awry.  But, you are the force of God’s goodness in the earth.  Your belief and faith are the weapons to heal and strengthen a world that is getting darker.

No matter what your eyes see.  No matter what your mind and flesh are trying to tell you…believe God.  He is good.  He is love.  And He is those things through you!  Keep your eyes on the cross as the perfect vision of His unrelenting love for you.  Fight for the manifestation of His goodness.  With eternity as our hope, stand for what you already possess!

6 thoughts on “Meditation–A Slow Death

  1. Peggy Magnuson

    Amen! I was making my bed this morning and the pain in my back was so bad that I just bent over and rested my elbows on the side of the bed and called out to the Lord for help. In that cry He answered me with a vision of the Cross and I just began to praise Him for His sacrifice for me on the Cross. When I stood back up, the pain had lessened to where I could go about my tasks! HE is so very good!!


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    Peggy Magnuson


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  2. joyfullyhis1

    The words of your wife on Sunday keep resounding in my soul. To be diligent to fight in prayer for one another. Not to be complacent, praying a little here and there. I have decided to agree with her! So, with the help of the Holy Spirit, have looked up scripture to apply to people I’m going to commit to pray for. Im rearranging my schedule to make it a priority to make time for prayer and I’m “going for it “ and guess what!!! My faith, my belief to see changes happen and Gods Word to manifest in lives is growing!

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