AM Meditation—A Pierced Ear

Life is good for one simple fact: I am alive.

I breathe. I have opportunity. I get to choose everyday what I will be, what I will pursue, what I will accomplish. Certainly, barriers and obstacles hinder my way; they chide me to overcome them. But, none of them change the fact that I am free to make my journey mean what it was intended to be.

What we all have to decide along the way, though, is what will define our walk? What will describe my purpose?

In the above photo, you might notice a very unnoticeable piercing in my left ear. I did it more than a decade ago. I felt like I had to. I wear only one symbol in that ear—a silver cross. I place it by the same routine every morning. After completing my normal regimen of cleaning up for the day, I put the cross in my ear and declare to myself that I live for something bigger than my comfort. I say, “For you, Jesus.”

As Jesus bore His cross, I bear mine. I live everyday. I choose…I pursue…I accomplish what’s been given to me to do. I’m not waiting for things to happen; I move into them.

My encouragement to you is simple: find your cross in your every day living. Although, you might not be able to escape where or when you were born, you can choose to live well with what you’ve been given. You can choose the purpose of your journey!

Let Jesus’ Words remind you of who you are: “If anyone should come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23, ESV) Following Jesus is not just some blind adherence to a list of dos and don’ts. As Jesus’ cross defined His mission, your cross declares your journey as well. The better you define the cross given to you, the greater your joy.

Live to live, my friends!

9 thoughts on “AM Meditation—A Pierced Ear

  1. A lady I worked with – same age as I am, had a heart attack in the lobby of our office and died last week. I volunteered to take a meal to her family and as I drove to her beautiful home and was greeted by her husband and close friends I realized that I was being shown something .

    Everyday I was in constant grief, in pain emotionally- just a wreck inside over past mistakes, what I don’t have anymore and can’t see how I could have it again. Here she had everything I wanted so very badly, but she is not here for any of it.

    I never would have imagined the impact of that experience on me. I just feel so happy to be alive and so grateful for what I do have – and for having another chance to DO, whatever it is I am here to do. I feel like things that I have stressed over for years, just don’t matter anymore. I just want to Love, Love, and Love some more and be my best me.

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    My mother recently turned 92. Yesterday I took her grocery shopping and she seemed very discombobulated in a store she knows very well. She wanted me to stay with her as she shopped her grocery list. More and more she comes down to my apartment asking questions about medication or the daily plan. I watch over her and my cross is in the fifth commandment. There’s days I feel trapped because I can’t really live my life the way I would like to, just come and go as I wished. ..,I just want to run away but then here is your meditation encouraging me and bringing levity to my life. Thank you for making that cross lighter. ❤️

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