AM Meditation — Less is Actually More

I stare into the heavens and I wonder, when will He return.  Is it soon?  It feels like it’s just around the corner, but then yet again…

Although it is our hope, and while it does transform our daily living, Jesus does not make His return the focus of His teaching.  His return is a given.  A new earth completely under His loving reign is a guarantee.  But, the weight of scripture finds its home on the simple focus of Jesus’ promise, “I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

It’s about living well, both now and forever.  Choosing creative design over consumptive living.  Choosing love over apathy.  Choosing creativity rather than destruction…unity instead of division.  On and on the list goes.

Wow; think about it!  The daily opportunities to live by God’s heart and follow His Sprit are endless.  There is no end to the art of living through giving.  As I pray and study, the truth of God’s Word becomes very evident, the less I work to protect what I believe I deserve, the freer I am to become what my purpose declares.

Today, I simply want to encourage you not to simply stare into the abyss of what you cannot do, but revel in the opportunities to give as Jesus gave.  There is no end to what is possible if you simply took every moment as a divine gift to create, to give, and to love.

Ironically then, when all is said done, holding less actually leads to having more.

Enjoy the experiment of life, today, my friends!

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