AM Meditation — It’s in the Atmosphere

We don’t always feel it, at first. It sneaks up on us…and all of a sudden, the threshold of our awareness breaks. And then, we think, “Uh-oh! It’s coming. I got it!”

I hate that feeling. You know you’re getting sick, and you can’t stop it! Your on a train ride where there is no return. It has you and you know the next 10 days are going to be miserable.

Well…I feel the same way in the spiritual atmosphere. You may feel it also. I even think the entire world notices. It’s right there on the threshold of our awareness. We’re getting sicker, but not everyone quite understands the symptoms. All we know is we just don’t like it! Certainly, most would recognize the oppressive struggles of our current culture as problematic, but the real turmoil behind the scenes…that one, not everyone truly comprehends.

As of late, my spirit has become far more distressed about this war against the soul of humanity. Like many of you, I grieve greatly.

Of course, “there is nothing new under the sun,” right?! But…we must learn to fight the real battle as if it is brand new. The Devil has had the same agenda from the beginning, “to steal, kill, and destroy” the dreams imbedded in every human heart. He comes at us on a personal level, familial level, and even on regional and global levels. From generation to generation, he keeps coming at us.

I don’t think anyone would argue that there is a lot of stealing, killing and destroying of destinies, right now. And…it is ramping up to global proportions.

My purpose in this meditation, though, is not to bring attention to every detail of this spiritual problem, but to allow what we know to call us higher—to see things as God does. God sees one planet, filled with all of His kids. Some are near to their Father and others are prodigals. Some are literally near death, and others are prospering. But most, are bombarded by forces that they cannot see—forces bringing division, fomenting hatred, and overwhelming with fear.

God’s agenda is simple: love by sacrifice. So…He gave the planet the greatest symbol of hope that could ever be gifted to us—the cross of His Son. In that sacrifice, we see what the fullness of divine love does. It forgives; it restores; and it heals.

God’s radical love is the answer; there is nothing else.

Imagine what would happen, if we applied the principles of the cross to every area of life, and every layer of humanity.

Let’s ponder that for a minute…

8 thoughts on “AM Meditation — It’s in the Atmosphere

  1. William B

    I enjoyed your word picture analogy of the world coming (going) down with something. A good time to refocus. We are IN the world Not OF the world. But, we are most definitely still in contact with it.

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  2. janet taylor

    A few scattered thoughts;
    Revelation= revealing or making it known.
    Verse 1. promises the MOTHERLOAD!
    Rev. 1:1-3 What is revealed not what is hidden. Not meant to be a mystery but to be understood.
    The darkest times are when the greatest Glory of the Lord is revealed, as in Isaiah.
    Darkest time of Israel,… but the Lord raised up the greatest prophets.
    So,….I must truely lean in, I will not escape by running from it but by running to Christ and abiding in Him
    Recently you taught the Principle in 2 Cor.4:7-12 (see we are learning)
    I also grieve for humandkind and with many tears.
    Great dialog and an excellent prayer point!

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  3. Hum…
    Have been chewing in Luke 4; Jesus took every temptation and applied a heavenly perspective to walk His way through warfare. And, it seems He did it so “matter of factly”.
    Then gave Himself to death upon the cross, that we could/would do the same.
    Still chewing…

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    1. William B

      Jesus was Led by the Holy Spirit into the “wilderness”. Why? To destroy the works of the devil. It seems that the “wilderness” is the place where we conquer.

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