AM Meditation — All Around You

Some places exist to simply give us joy…

I’m sitting on the back deck with my wife, eating our appetizers, and my wife turns to me and says, “To the beauty that surrounds us.”

What? I can’t believe it! I was so astounded by what I was hearing. I was just about to speak those exact words to her…almost to the letter!

Was it coincidence…or, something deeper? Was God speaking? Was there a message we needed to hear?

Well, I would say, yes! God was talking. He wanted us to know something. His message was simple: a potential joy in the beauty of our surroundings is available to all. Certainly, it can be masked by distraction, pain, or darkness; but, the Father’s sovereign presence in creation speaks loudly to our hearts…if we pay attention.

At the beginning… when all was said and done, God said, “It is good.” Light, stars, planets, and every living thing were imbued with beauty and joy. They hung there in the tapestry of creation radiating a divine Word to all that would see and experience them…God is good. No matter the warfare or the difficulties around us, we can depend on this one simple truth: God through creation reaches out and reminds us that everything was meant for our good.

Of course, not everything we experience is good. We get so caught up with all that is wrong, or all that we wish others would get, that we don’t truly revel in the beauty draped about us. A beauty that continually reminds us to be more than we are…to care more than we naturally do…to create rather than destroy.

So…let this meditation carry you to a new level of living, today. See what’s around you. See His hand at work. Escape the clutches of what holds you from our Father’s goodness. Rescue others from their blindness. Regardless of what humanity does, keep declaring: God is still good!

13 thoughts on “AM Meditation — All Around You

  1. Peggy Magnuson

    You said “…rescue others from their blindness…”. I was just thinking about the fabulous beauty that is outside my patio door every day, the hummingbirds who come to visit me, the hanging baskets that bloom so faithfully… And then the picture came to mind of the burning fields in southern Israel because of the balloon fire rockets being sent over. It is so easy to tell a darkened heart from and enlightened heart! The dark heart is bringing destruction to God’s beauty and bounty. Lord, PLEASE rescue them from their blindness!!!


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    Peggy Magnuson


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  2. Kathryn

    Pastor Jim – God encouraged me again through your message this morning. I walked down to the beach from my parents house in Ormond Beach Florida – sunrise was at 6:27. The song kept going through my mind – You are beautiful, You are wonderful, You are glorious – I’m overwhelmed by You. As I watched the sun rise in its butst of glory – the pelicans flying over the ocean – the herons walking on the beach beside me – all of creation was declaring Gods glory and His goodness – on earth as it is in Heaven!! It definitely was no coincidence Pastor Jim that you wrote that this morning – God just loves to encourage us!!

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  3. Karen Taylor

    I am at awe in what you just said Pastor as each and everyday I am praying looking out my kitchen window telling the Lord that I see his beauty all around us which was something I didn’t notice back in the day it is so wonderful and I thank you for such a good word!

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      1. Haha! BTW my cat is literally a dog in a cat’s body! You just wouldn’t believe it! I couldn’t! He is so VERY smart! We live in the country and so he kills snakes too!! He’s great! 😀
        This is just another blessing from GOD to be thankful for too!!

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