AM Meditation — Deeper Than All Other Truths

Certain images remind me that there are deeper truths of which we are not always aware.

One of these truths recently hit me like a thunderous voice from heaven: God has no human enemies!

Of all who have ever lived, I would think, God would certainly have enemies.  He has been wronged…maligned…and rejected.  He has been told, “You are not real, and I don’t want you!”  His thoughts have been taken as opinion rather than spiritual truth.

Experiencing humanity’s rebellion has been normal to the Father from the very beginning.

I would naturally assume, like many of you, that somewhere in the Lord’s heart I would expect anger and offense to exist.  That, there has to be something He’s holding onto that would give Him the justification to see bad people tormented forever.  Right?

But NO…that’s not how the Word describes the Father.  God sees all of humanity, every individual, and He loves them all.  He is moved by compassion, not His hurt.  Nothing in the Father wishes for anyone to perish.

Would you listen to these simple Words afresh, today: “For God so loved the WORLD, that He GAVE His only son…” He didn’t hold back.  He didn’t respond like you and I would.  In hard-hitting truth, the Father actually forgave humanity and drew them unto Himself while they still rejected Him.

How?  How could He do that?  How could He give himself to ALL people?  They don’t all deserve His love and mercy.  Jesus’ life could not have been given for everyone’s sake.  Some people are just down right evil, right?  They’re rebellious.  Hurtful.  They’re mean!  They deserve what’s coming to them.

Again, the answer is a resounding, NO!  The Lord does not see as we do.  His heart is not like ours.  His love is deeper than we presume.  The Father sees every human story from beginning to end.  He knows every pain, every hurt.  He knows every detail of their history and what has fed into who they are today.  He can’t help but respond with mercy and compassion for them all.  For Jesus, all the sheep are simply harassed and helpless, and needing a shepherd.

Only when we see as the Lord does, will we then be truly free.  When loving is more important than being loved, then we will understand the Father’s heart.

Imagine what your heart and your life would be like if you had no human enemies.

3 thoughts on “AM Meditation — Deeper Than All Other Truths

  1. joyfullyhis1

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…but we do have an enemy, Satan. I find I have to check myself when I start to have anger or disgust against some person. For example, my daughter and her choices. I tell you truly it crushes my spirit to see her knowing all that she is involved in, but if I keep my mind on Jesus great love for her, I can let that go and simply love her. I don’t have to tell her I disapprove of her actions, she already knows that. I can be with her based on the love of the father. We go get coffee or a burger and there’s no tension in our being together. I pray and I get mad and tell the Devil he’s a liar, destroyer and a thief and he’s not going to win! But If then I turn around and hate her and show disapproval and disown her, I side with Satan nature not Gods! Knowing the Lords great love for her sustains me… Her story is in His hands! Thank you for this meditation as it affirms this attitude toward my daughter and all people.


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