AM Meditation — The Dream is not in the Distance

It’s not in the distance.  It’s not over the horizon.  Change is here, right now!

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe how good Sunday was!  No greater gift exists than God’s presence and love in our lives!  Am I right?!  When He speaks, you believe you can accomplish anything.

A fresh Word of power arose in my Spirit on Sunday; and when it does, it’s almost as if I can feel it reverberating through my entire being.  As I prepared to take the platform on Sunday, God gave me such a Word in that moment saying, “You need to teach on this right now.”  He pressed on me..pushed on me until I relented.  I put aside my prepared message.  It was a Word for the season; a Word of preparation: get rid of all imposed identities and take on a new wine skin so that you can receive the new wine from heaven.

Of course, the thought excited me!  What could be better—God pouring His new wine (His Spirit) afresh into our souls—shaping us into the divine story we were meant to play out.  Wow, it doesn’t hardly get much better that!

But then, upon contemplation afterward, I thought to myself that change, as good as we all know it is, often feels more difficult than it should.  Have you noticed?  As soon as you decide to reshape your life to make room for more of God’s powerful working, something in you say, “This is going to be really hard…I’m not sure if I can make the long lasting changes necessary.”

It can’t be helped.  As soon as we set our course to shift and adopt what God wants to do next, we’re going to meet resistance within ourselves.  Old habits don’t die easily.  They stubbornly hold us to yesterday.  And at times, it can almost feel impossible to change.

So, what’s the deal?  What’s this thing in us that won’t be silent?

Well…it’s good old SHAME.  It hides in us chaining us to the past.  It reminds us of who we were.  How we have always failed before—that no matter how hard we try, we can’t overcome the hurdle of our failures.  It anchors us to what we’ve been and won’t let go.

BUT, it doesn’t have to remain this way.

To live without shame is to accept that I’ve been forgiven every day.  That the cross of Christ set’s me free from the accusations of all enemies, including my own conscience.  This is the power of the gospel: Jesus’ blood gives me the power to choose to make every day brand new.   Every day I get a do over card and a regenerated life to do with as the Lord has ordained!  This is the power of His amazing grace.  His infinite love continually washes over us saying, “Now, receive the new wine and become all that you were meant to be!”

So, make the most of the now time you’ve been given.  You can start afresh right now.  You’ve already been forgiven.  You’ve already been released to follow the dreams planted in you from the beginning.  You just have to believe it at the core of your being.

Once you decide that, you can receive the “new wine.”

Be filled with His Spirit and let’s begin to battle for new territory!

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