AM Meditation — They Wander In

Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Well…these beautiful benign guests were not so benign, nor so beautiful, to my Maggie.  They are enemies.  Intruders.  Probably vicious agents of peril and doom!  They do not belong here.

She cracks me up!  Her stance, the tension in her physique, they all portend impending doom to any unwary beast traipsing through her territory.

Maybe we should learn such boldness!

Perhaps we should be so attentive to what wanders into our sphere of existence.  Although a small group of deer may actually be worthy of our wonder and gawking stares, there are things that intrude upon our lives that have no business being there, or even that they should be allowed to hang out on the boundaries of our attention.

Now mind you, I’m not speaking of paranoia here; but truly being jealous for the gift that is our lives.  You’ve been given one life to do with as you please.  You’ve been blessed with opportunity and an amazing potential story.  What you allow into your life will either enhance or degrade who you were meant to be.

Why allow anything the potential opportunity to take an amazing future?  Build up your protective senses while expanding the borders of your territory.  All kinds of things wander into our lives bringing at least distraction, and at the worst destruction.  Eject them.  Refuse them space.  You probably already know what they are.

Nothing is worth some joy in the moment to lose the joy of living!

“Be sober minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

3 thoughts on “AM Meditation — They Wander In

  1. joyfullyhis1

    After waking up at 4 am to go potty, I can’t go back to sleep. No real reason, just can’t. I have to work today and need to sleep a good night sleep. So I do whatever a good Christian grown woman does, I whine to the Lord to help me. I act like a little child. … I’m tired and I’m upset. Then! I start to look at other reasons for why I’m constantly in a struggle with a sleeping issue that besets several nights a week! I stop whining, and the name of Jesus rises up in me and i tell the adversary to get his hands off that which the Father has given His children …. peaceful sleep! ……so, goodnight lol …..💪💤

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  2. Isn’t it something, this IS NOT OUR home; we are not of this world. Yet, here we live, enjoying the pleasures set before us 😁; sometimes not recognizing wolves in sheeps clothing and the dangerous perils about to blindside us.
    Vigilance is not a random choice; but a daily exercise by the Spirit of God. ♥️


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