Just a Quick Thought for the Day

I’ve noticed an interesting trend…or maybe it’s always been around. People are drawn to a fight. We love the debate. We love being right and sharing our expertise. We like it when we see something wrong needing to be fixed, and that we’ve discovered the answer.

Is this really the meaning of life and our purpose? Just sharing our wisdom all over the place without any real effect?

Certainly, a host of problems need to be fixed—with ourselves, our families, society, and really the whole system. And certainly, we should speak when times require it. But, what happens to our short-lived existence when we spend a majority of that existence sharing our expertise about what is askew with the world, but not actually having any influence on its healing?

I’m convinced that we have a very difficult time living in the good that God has offered us. Our problem: we are broken, and so we find our self-worth in communicating our brokenness, or in our supposed healing pointing out solutions for what we see is broken in others.

All that I am saying is that we have difficulty knowing how to live well, or to love well. We spend our lives identifying problems in others and sharing our wisdom on how to fix them all. But, we never accomplish anything real. I think that’s the deception.

Live what you speak about. Do what you preach. Be with others in real relationship. Give yourself to a mission that actually changes the atmosphere rather than just talking about it.

3 thoughts on “Just a Quick Thought for the Day

  1. These are wonderful pearls of wisdom. Thank you for continually reminding us of this very valuable life principle. The more I proceed in life, the more I realize I really know little, and it is best I just listen more.

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    After the sudden death of my friend Gail, I was hit between the eyes of the fragility of life. We all won’t live this current life forever. Attending another funeral last Tuesday of a long time family friend, I saw people at the gathering after the funeral that I haven’t seen for a long time and I found that I truly cherished each one as we have had relationships at different times in life. I could see we are all getting old. In my own family, there has been a division between myself and my sisters family. Saturday, my mom and I were invited by her to a barbecue and we spent a wonderful afternoon at my nephews, rekindling relationships, just enjoying one another right where we are saved or unsaved. Sunday morning I went to a soccer jubilee my grandson coached and greatgrandson played in ( they won both games!) (we all missed church :(. ) So I agree with your meditation so much. Love those around you! Don’t worry about the differences, don’t argue, let God take care of their walk in their stories and just soak it all in! Go live, go love!


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