AM Meditation — In the Deep Place

“Love covers over a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8b)

Many people come and go in our lives.  The leave marks of all kinds. Some leave well and others not so much. Some producing great joys and others great hurts.  It’s the latter we really don’t know what to do with. They simply haunt our minds while we try to practice the art of forgiveness.

If we do not learn this lesson of love’s ability to erase history’s sting, then the ghosts of these broken relationships will haunt us all the days of our lives.

We might ask, “How can this ever be accomplished? The task seems too difficult. I’ve been unsuccessful so far.”  Well, the answer is not found in the how, but in the depths of our hearts. It’s not about forgetting, or waiting for another’s repentance, but seeing correctly.

Love sees others not as enemies, but as lives that are already loved and those that possess great potential.  Whether they are lost, or simply wrong in our opinion, they are already greatly loved by our Father, who sees only who they truly are, and who they could become. See what your Father sees and the past will become dimmer.

Hasn’t the Father done this with you—not counting your history against you! What greater gift could we receive!  Can you expect to do anything less than what our Father has done for all of us?  Don’t rehash in your mind another’s record, it will only fuel the festering boil in your soul.  Vengeance is only a chain to our own pain. The pressure of hiding such an ugly thing will only grow with time.  It can remain hidden for only so long.  Eventually, it will erode the façade of your spirituality and you will find yourself powerless in the mire of your own hard heart.  You will be left to wonder why others are progressing and you are not.

No deeper truth exists in the Kingdom of our God.  Only when you conquer the issues of forgiveness, will you master the spiritual warfare of hidden lands.

3 thoughts on “AM Meditation — In the Deep Place

  1. Janet L Taylor

    Hard but so so true. Praise God for His faithfulness to us!
    “The best things of life come out of wounding. Wheat is crushed before it becomes bread. Incense must be cast upon the fire before its odors are set free.The ground must be broken with a sharp plough before it is ready to receive the seed. It is the broken heart that pleases God. The sweetest joys in life are the fruits of sorrow. Human nature seems to need suffering to be fit for a blessing to the world.” L.B. Cowman.
    Acts 14:22 We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdon of God.

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