Prayer Walking

Last night, the Holy Spirit powerfully encouraged us!

We added another huge dimension of faith to our ministry strategy at Zion’s River.  I had so much fun sharing with my team, “The 72,” a fresh focus on praying for our city and region.  This wasn’t just another friendly teaching on prayer, but a calling of God to believe that our spiritual fight for the atmosphere of the region will actually dispossess the powers of darkness and introduce the love and presence of Christ.

As John the Baptist was sent to “prepare the way of the Lord,” we are doing the same thing by regularly prayer walking throughout the region and around Zion’s River.  Our endeavor, I believe, will bring about all kinds of divine appoints that not only defeat the strategies of our enemy, but also introduce people and the region to the love of God.

A war for the atmosphere rages in the heavenlies (Ephesians 6:12).  Our faith-filled prayers of intercession will stand in the gap for God’s loving plans to manifest in the region.

If you did not have the opportunity to be there, please view the entire teaching on “Capturing the Atmosphere” by going to the media tab at

Also, whether you were able to attend or not, please feel free to join us in this Kingdom endeavor by following this simple strategy:

  • Devote at least 1 hour/week (or any time you have available) to a prayer walk (or prayer drive) to shift the atmosphere for the Gospel of the Kingdom to increase!
  • Begin with praise—praise Him for His loving kindness. Let God’s love for you break-off any unbelief and shame from your past.
  • Be led by the Holy Spirit. He has a purpose greater than our own, including divine appointments.
  • Prayer Walk anywhere in the city and region, including around Zion’s River if you choose.
  • Pray specifically against the imposed darkness and deception of the enemy.
  • Release the Word, Purposes, and Power of God.
  • Download and use the Zion’s River app while on your prayer walk.
    • Check-in on our Zion’s River App when you pray! Find the prayer walk button.
    • Leave a testimony, if you would like, of any encounters with the Lord or divine appointments.
    • Receive notifications on our Zion’s River App for a current prayer focus from Zion’s River Leadership Team.
    • Receive regional (Geo-Fencing) notifications when you enter specific areas. (This requires having location services on for this app and refreshing the app when you begin your prayer walk.)

“Lord, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

6 thoughts on “Prayer Walking

  1. Kathryn

    Pastor Jim – as you were teaching I started thinking about prayer walking on my lunch breaks around my work which is Good Samaritan Hospital. I believe God is about to set up many divine appointments! I love what we are all doing together for the glory of God!

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    On my test drive this morning, as I’m prasing God and thanking Him for the day, I noticed the
    fog ( that’s when I said to myself ,” Ah the Shekinah Glory of God”) and I kid you NOT
    I could feel His presence! and continuing to feel as I type this!! Our God is SO AWESOME!!
    We are in this sphere together!

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