AM Meditation — We’re All Leaders

Leadership seemed scary to me until this definition became true in my spirit: great leadership is not about getting a task done but building-up great people who can accomplish great things.

If you ponder these words for any length of time, you’ll begin to understand that all of us have a call to lead.  Because, at the heart of leadership, you’ll find the heart of love.  Isn’t that what real love is—building others up?  Doesn’t love seek to see others succeed and become the best version of themselves?  Therefore, loving well means leading well.

At its heart, leadership, then, is just a particular manifestation of love.  Whether we’re a friend, parent, co-worker, or boss, God has commissioned all of us to build-up great people to accomplish great things.  If we’re simply trying to build ourselves into a great life that others should respect, then forever you’ll stand alone and never accomplish anything noteworthy.

Take the Father’s example.  All of creation is great because the Father believed enough in you to put you in the middle of it.  He gave us dominion over it all and said to be “fruitful and multiply.”  He hoped in us in order to take His creation to the next level.  Wow, what a thought!

Have fun out there as you love and lead others into their best.

2 thoughts on “AM Meditation — We’re All Leaders

  1. joyfullyhis1

    I want to tell you that you are raising up loving people who aren’t gossipy and judgemental! When I brought Michelle to church a few weeks ago, she said she felt no judgement and was met with nothing but loving arms. Pastor Melissa at the door said “there’s my friend” Pastor Lorelei, you saw her and said “come to me, come to me” wanting to welcome her into a big hug! Many people came to her and ministered to her. At the end of the service, we were leaving and Pastor Dean called out to her. She went up on the stage and Pastor Bonnie was there too. Pastor Dean told her how he prayed so much for her and asks God at each service, “is this the day I’m gonna see her face in the service” what an amazing thing to say to her. I could tell you more but please be edified that these are people you lead and teach. As senior pastors you also live out a love walk as example of our Lord! Never have I been in such a non discriminatory church! Thank you!

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