AM Meditation—You are Known

A quick thought before my family and I head out for our vacation…

No one will ever know you like the Father. He knows every intent and every nuance of every motivation in your heart. He KNOWS you!

That may seem like a given and a well known fact, but it doesn’t always comfort us as it should. At times, we get so bent out of shape when others don’t always understand us, or know our real intentions. We live on purpose believing that we’re being the best version of whoever God has called us to be, but there is always someone to question who we really are.

The secret of being, without the distraction of other voices, is believing that the one who sent us knows us. It’s knowing our mission from heaven. It’s understanding that people will reject us as they rejected Jesus. Could there be anyone more perfect than Jesus? And they didn’t understand Him either.

Just be. Love what you do. Know that He knows you. Submit to His purposes through you; and the fruit will speak for itself.

I’ll see y’all next Sunday. 😇

4 thoughts on “AM Meditation—You are Known

  1. joyfullyhis1

    Sunday service in your absence was amazing. Worship was entered into by so many pressing into God. Pastor Melissa was anointed as she brought out our purpose and our position as we flow with the Spirit that comes from a position of “His presence”. She brought forth so many scriptures to chew on this week and pulled in things Pastor Jeff said over the offering and Pastor Bonnie said at the end of worship! Blessed and amazed is how I feel and wanted to let you know you can relax on vaycay knowing while your refreshing, your Zion’s river house is in order!

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