AM Meditation—It’s in the Atmosphere

It’s all in the atmosphere.  When the atmosphere is right, everything is right.

While vacationing in Disneyland this past week, it reaffirmed to me the importance of creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness.  We have the power to create the atmosphere necessary for greater things.  By example, Disneyland imagineers have expertly created the perfect environment where a culture of happiness, fun and drama meet every participant’s heart.  And in that purposed intersection of life, a transformative experience is created.  Their mission to create this unique atmosphere has literally drawn the world.

I believe that’s what we do as believers in the Kingdom of God as well.  We are the architects of our spiritual environments—we are atmosphere shifters.  We bear the presence of God everywhere we go in order that Jesus’ presence would transform the atmosphere for freedom, ridiculous joy, and healing.  By our faith filled expressions of love and devotion, we are preparing the way for atmospheres to change.

I’m so excited that some of us are out there, even now, prayer walking our streets and preparing this region for an atmospheric shift.  We’re pushing back the darkness and releasing the breath of God into the atmosphere of our city and the surrounding region.  Don’t back off. Light always wins.

Why? Because prayer works…Jesus said so!

5 thoughts on “AM Meditation—It’s in the Atmosphere

  1. That’s Right, I know that power of Prayer is remarkable, I have experienced it greatly in the last Month, I had some very bad episodes with PTSD, and the best thing I did was turn it over to him. It made me realize just how important Pray is. There is no better counseling than the Bible and praying to him.


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