AM Meditation — Three Little Words

When my wife attentively speaks the words, “I love you,” they always carry with them the power to shift my reality. For they are not just words vocalized out of habit, but they form the very essence of meaning in our relationship. Those words speak to a heart that gets pushed around by all kinds of forces, and gives me the ability to rise above the fray.

There are three other little words, similar in intent, only 11 letters in total length, and they have the ability to profoundly change the meaning of our existence as well.

God loves YOU. Such simple words. So easy to speak. They roll off the tongue without any effort. Yet for such a simple phrase, they contain the meaning to all things—the purpose of our very life. They give meaning where there was none.

These words go far beyond a philosophical treatise. They are living words speaking to our hearts—healing what needs to be touched, reviving what was dead. Truly, without the love of God, we would be just a floating ember in the sea of the universe that ultimately would burn-out without hardly being noticed.

Whatever you have to do, go beyond just understanding the truth of these words. Find the meaning behind them. Let them pierce your heart. Spend some time at the foot of the cross and understand the full extent of the love of the Father.

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