Auto Cruise

img_1354Ok. It’s been a long time. But nonetheless, here I am with a quick story and Word for you…

A recall was placed upon my car. It’s one of those airbags you may have heard about. The kind that can explode and shoot metal in your face. Not a pleasant thought. So…it occurred to me that maybe I should pay attention to this one!

Because the recall on my car may take several months, while I’m waiting for parts, I was given a loaner car.  At no charge!

Woohoo! I get to drive a brand new car for free!

I’m not quite sure this is a blessing! The sin of coveting is growing in my heart!

Let me tell you, though; this car is so fun, especially, the new technology. And in particular, I love the “automatic cruise control” (at least that’s what I call it). It’s amazing! When I set the cruise control, not only does it keep the car traveling at a constant speed, it also adjusts the speed of the car to the traffic in front of me. Wow, it’s like it’s driving itself! I can set it and forget it!

Well, almost…I’m really not quite sure of the wisdom of anything that might lesson my need to be aware of my surroundings. And, as much as it is a blessing, watching the car speed up and slow down to the traffic around me is a little unnerving.

The truth is, though, I still have choose where I’m going. I have to steer. Brake to a stop. Determine the best course of action in the event of unexpected traffic changes. In other words, I still have to drive the car!

This is no different than walking with the Holy Spirit. Although God will call us to move toward a destination, guide our steps, and even ensure our safety; we still have to drive our lives. We still have to make daily decisions to adjust to our circumstance. We have to determine where to stop and what turns to make. Simply put, God doesn’t live for us, He lives in us. He helps. He guides. He empowers.

If you don’t understand this, you’re walk with God will be very frustrating. Your partnership with God is exactly that—a partnership. He doesn’t take the wheel and determine every step of the journey. He goes with you. He will nudge you. Speak to you. And even impart supernatural insight to you. But, you still have to make the daily choices to move in the right direction.

Today, be strong and courageous, my friends! You still have to drive your car.

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons and daughters of God.” (Romans 8:14)

4 thoughts on “Auto Cruise

  1. I believe that’s why its important to worship when ever you can and too stay in the word, the best way I guess I would put it in relating to your story would be make sure that you do preventive maintenance to make sure that you are always tuned up, God is our Service Manager its important to follow his directions, so no recalls are necessary, Thanks Pastor Jim , I have missed you.

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